To spend or not to spend?

I've heard it so frequently from people lately that weddings are such a waste of money. That it's absurd to want to spend so much on one day that flies by faster than you could imagine. I hear your opinions and accept them as your own, but don't knock others for wanting a dream wedding.
If you spend money to celebrate the birth of a child, a graduation, even just going out to dinner for a promotion at your work, why would you not spend money to celebrate one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life and to share that day with your family and friends? That, to me, seems absurd.
I know that I'll spend a good chunk of money on my wedding someday. It's something I am saving for in advance though. I want to have the dress of my dreams, rent pews to create a chapel in the woods, have good food and drink, and some great music to dance the night away to. Weddings are what you want them to be.
You have your budget and I have mine.
I believe that settles this dispute.